Who We Are

We are NorthEast DataBase Solutions, LLC (NEDBS), founded by Brian Ouimette. Brian taught us to believe. Believe in providing practical, yet innovative solutions. These solutions improve processes, increase the bottom line, and reduce inefficiencies. We really do turn your data into profit. If you're interested, Schedule a Consultation with us today!

Our commitment to growth has paid off, and we're looking to expand our team! We are looking for a Junior Developer, and P/T Admin Assistant. Reach out to us today to learn more.

Brian Oimette

Brian Ouimette

Founder & Lead Developer

Brian Ouimette started NEDBS in 2011, after a career ending injury. Brian was a Firefighter / Paramedic for 15 years. An injury left him unable to perform the daunting physical tasks of a first responder. While in medical treatment, his sponsoring Doctor introduced him to FileMaker. Shortly after, Brian found a job as a developer. As a developer, Brian found his love for custom integrations. His use of 3rd party API's, and other technologies, is top-tier.

He quickly discovered that his first responder training would be a big asset in his new career path. Routines were never Brian's favorite. He loved the thrill of conquering the unknown. Though it is not physical, Brian accomplishes the mental version of this daily. One of his favorite parts about being a first responder was the people. Saving them from emergencies and catastrophic life events. That's exactly what he gets to do for businesses during the process of working with them.

As a single father of 2 kids, Brian Oimette loves to explore New England. Kids always in tow, of course. As any NE raised individual, Brian loves the Patriots. It's not uncommon that if you run into Brian, he's probably outdoors, he's probably with his kids, and he's probably smiling. All 3 are known to make him happy.