At NorthEast DataBase Solutions we provide business consultation, and custom software development. Our FileMaker systems are flexible, and will help you improve your profit margins. Spend less time managing, and more time making money. We also specialize in 3rd party integrations and API's.

Let us help your business gain more productivity, and reach more of your goals.

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Blog Posts

Check out the NorthEast DataBase Solutions blog for helpful information for your business. Want to know more about FileMaker, enterprise solutions, or API integrations? We are dedicated to provide our readers with education, information, and honest insights.

Need more help? Schedule an Appointment so we can address your needs. We will always be available to guide you in the right direction for the unique needs of your business.


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What We Do

At NorthEast DataBase Solutions, we turn your data into profit, through our unique approach to database applications. Though our clients are primarily enterprise businesses, we can address the needs of smaller organizations as well. We have worked with clients in dozens of industries, from all across the country. Due to our extensive experience, we provide our services to several Platinum Level FileMaker Business Alliance members.

Our powerful, robust, custom applications leverage the power of FileMaker's platform. This flexibility allows us to develop intuitive applications. We specialize in leveraging our business consulting skills, to architect you the perfect solution. Our systems will streamline your workflows, increase your productivity, and make you more money.

At NorthEast DataBase Solutions, we are committed to delivering quality applications that do exactly what you need. We won't inflate your project with things you don't, just to make a buck.

Our solutions are accessible on Mac, Windows, iOS devices, and the web. You shouldn't have to sacrifice convenience for quality.

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